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Welcome & thank you for choosing Inforé.
We would like to ensure that you have all the information to make your future services even easier.
We provide total beauty service to those that are very special with the best professionals.

Inforé, which is derived from the English "In forest", is a salon which will allow you to escape from the complex urban
setting of the city and find a regenerating resting place to help restore your mind and body. Through service provided
with an oriental aura and the concept of nature, Inforé will deliver not only a space for beauty but also a comfortable
resting haven from the city life.

인포레를 찾아주셔서 감사합니다.

Infore는 'In forest' 에서 착안하여 복잡한 도심을 잠시 떠나 지친 내 몸과 마음을 자연의 상태로 편안히 쉴 수 있게 휴식하게 만들어 주고 싶은 살롱의 마음을 담았습니다. 오리엔탈풍의 정서와 자연주의 컨셉이 조화를 이룬 서비스 제공을 통해 아름다움을 위한 공간만이 아닌 도심속의 편안한 휴식공간으로 함께 하겠습니다.

Our styling team is here to offer expert style advice and provide all your beauty needs.
Provides high quality service and individual profiling in order to create and show distinct hairstyles.
Hair cut/Hair Clinic/Scalp Clinic/Styling/Color/Perm/Keratin Treatment/Hair Extension
make up
Become more special through the beauty created by the best sensibility while maintaining the basic beauty.
Bridal Make-up/Party Make-up/Eyelash Extension/Semi-permanent Make Up
We will become the resting haven for your mind and body
Bridal Packages/Skin Scaling/Lifting Care/Whitening/PPL/Back Care/Meridian Facial Massage/Men’s Care