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+Shampoo & styling included
+Prices may vary according to length of hair
+For long hair, extra fee is added for wavy hair drying or flat ironing
Shaggy Cut
Consistently popular, this cut creates a light image to the hair. Instead of cutting the hair even throughout, this cut cuts the hair unevenly giving a messy light style to the hair. It can be used as a partial cut to the hair.
Layered Cut
Using a stair layered cut, it can give the hair a rounded volume image or a sharp individualistic image. It can be done both on men and women and if the layer difference is big it is called high layering.
Bob Cut
For hair length that is between the chin and the shoulder. Cut the hair evenly throughout to create weight and cute image to the hair.
Stroke Cut
Derived from the shaggy cut, this cut also creates a light image to the hair. This cut is usually done to dry hair, dropping the strands of hair while lightly cutting into it.
Razor Cut
Using a traditional razor that might be seen in old movies, this cut takes the end of the hair to scrape the hair to cut the ends out. Because it gives stress to the hair of scraping it out, it can cause some damage to the hair.
Dandy Cut
Gives weight to the hair while creating a dandy style without making the hairstyle stand out. Popular for its gentle European looking style.
Prepare a clean hairstyle for outings with professional help.
+Hair cut NOT included
+Shampoo NOT included
+Price may vary according to length of hair
basic Blow Dry

C curl and J curl dry, produce natural volume for the head.

Set/ Wave Blow Dry

For important gatherings, create graceful hairstyles with professional help.

Long Hair Set/ Wave Dry

Can create graceful and attractive feminine style full of volume for hair lengths below the shoulder.

Set Dry for Special Event

For weddings, special occasions, birthday parties, and etc. Create hair do's that fit your outfit and location for the event. Root volume ironing, back comb, set drying and style blow-drying using hair utilities.

Semi-Up Style

Simple semi-up styles. Prepare an image fit for a certain dress and location.


Prepare a hairstyle that highlights the elegance, fitting your outfit.
For Han Bok and dress gowns, up styles or down styles would create graceful and elegant mood.

What is Scalp Scaling?
For a healthy scalp, scalp scaling is need on a regular basis. Excess sebum and bacteria that causes itchiness and inflammation in the scalp can be treated through the scalp scaling. Also helps with blood flow and prevention of dandruff to sustain a healthy scalp, a scalp scaling is needed at least once a month. Cleans the pores, gets rid of dandruff, and treats scalp using high-speed spread water drops and air particles. It is every effective in improving scalp problems.

+Cut NOT included
+Blow drying included
Scalp Scaling
Opens up closed pores to help improve the hair quality. After removing keratin, dandruff and sebum, this provides nutrition to the outer layer (scalp scaling + tonic)
Hair MGF Solution(8Weeks)
The BENEV GF Hair Care Complex Renewal Procedure is a new approach to tackling the problem of hair loss. Utilizing breakthrough technology, this non-invasive treatment provides protein-rich growth factors to the scalp. Both men and women can use BENEV GF Hair Care Complex to improve the health of the scalp and develop healthier, stronger hair follicles. It was developed by a team of BENEV chemists and University of California Irvine research scientists who have extensively studied the beneficial effects of growth factors on hair and skin. This procedure has no side effects. Complete series takes approximately eight weeks. Best results have been seen with the completion of two series combined, a total of fifteen - twenty weeks.

GF Hair Care Complex works by nurturing the scalp and hair follicles, allowing for a normal, healthy hair growth cycle. It contains supportive growth factor proteins that are naturally found in young, healthy hair follicles to renew the vitality of the scalp. A Skin Stamp procedure, which uses micro-needles to create tiny, temporary channels into the skin, is used to enhance the penetration of the complex into the hair follicles.
What is Hair Conditioning Treatment?
Hair conditioning treatment is to provide nutrition and moisture to damaged hair from perms and colors. With carefully selected products, you can expect the best results. Consult with our stylists to choose the best option for your hair.

+Cut NOT included
+Blow drying included
+Price may vary according to length of hair

HY Nigelle
Done in four steps, treats hair while improving hair texture and adding shine to the hair. It makes the hair soft and silky.
Linkage MEU
4 step professional treatment system to restore moisture and elasticity.  Used for color treated, permed or damaged hair
Done in three steps, protects the cuticles and hair using proteins and adding moisture in the best ratio.
Hair coloring products are typically categorized based on the length of time they effect the colored hair.  The two most common classifications are ‘semi-permanent’ and ‘permanent’.  Semi-permanent color is formulated to deposit color in the hair shaft without lightening it and gives very little damage. Permanent hair color products and lighteners contain both a developer and an alkalizing ingredient as part of their ammonia or an ammonia substitute.  The purpose of this is to raise the cuticle of the hair fiber so the tint can penetrate and therefore cause damages on the hair. Damaged hair from color will be brittle and dry, and the important components will be lost from the raised cuticles so the damage to the hair will be worse. It is very important for a treatment to follow afterwards. Because hairs do not have the ability to regenerate its condition, if the hair is left untreated, it will spread around. Therefore you should keep in mind, that treatments that helps the damage to recover is necessary as well as aftercares you do at home.
+Shampoo & Blow Dry included
+Cut NOT included
+Price may vary according to length of hair
+20% DC for one week coating after coloring
+There can be a difference with the colors you see in the chart and the result.
Permanent Color

Basic Color
Hair PPT nutrient (shampoo service) + Blow Dry

Clinic Color
Clinic Color provide moisture and two types of ample to give softness

Premium Color


By taking small strands of hair and adding or taking color out, creates an illusion of length or a small face. To express color that is brighter than hair dye

Process Bleach
Consecutive bleaching more than twice to express bright hair color

Point Bleach
Express a big change with just point bleach

Express a big change with just point bleach
Bleaching 3 times + Dye + Hair Manicure

Bright Grey Bleach
Bleach 5 times + Dye + Hair Manicure

Using chemical products, takes the color inside the hair out, making the hair lighter. While de-colorizing the hair may severely damage the hair if no after-treatment is done.
Creates different shades lighter than the overall hair color using aluminum foil. This gives the illusion of light bouncing off the hair
because of the lighter colored strands. Because it takes great skill to get the right shade of the colttttor, the price may be high. Sometimes called Bleaching, takes strands of hair to color it a different color or bleach it into a lighter color. Sometimes, strands of fake hair is used to create this image.
Ash coloring will create an ashy color to the hair. Because of its stale color, it gives another type of charm to the hair style. However it takes many trials of de-colorization and dying causing massive damage to the hair if left untreated and given special treatment.
Zone Color
Instead of coloring the entire hair the same color, this zone color takes parts of the hair to color it a different color. This very popular
zone coloring creates a popping image using the asymmetrical hairstyle according to the color design.
Coating/ Manicure

Instead of taking color out of the hair and dying the hair to a different color, coating is taking a different color to coat the hair. It gives the image of dyed hair but does almost no damage to the hair. However, the color may not last long and fading of the color is severe.

Perfetto Mutsunami Perfetto
Hair manicure that covers from fashion coloring to grey coverage.
Including treatment ingredient that is effective for damaged hair.

Seraz Premium Hair Manicure
Cleans dirt and grease from the inner scalp with the AHA extracted from fruits and with ions, makes the hair soft and silky.

Lee & Lee Make-up color
Makes hair color more distinct while preventing dryness and color fading using proteins extracted from grapes and its vines.

Basic Perm
It is the most basic perm. The perm chemical is applied and a little bit of heat is added for a long period of time. It does the least damage to the hair compared to other types of thermal perms. Our perm lotion contains vegetable proteins and extracts so without damaging your hair, gives you a shining glossy wave. Also by using aroma, we reduced the smell to the least.

Texture Perm
Provides volume through elasticity, lively and natural texture curl to the hair.
baby Perm
For overall round curls to create a cute image. However, this style may make your face look rounder.
Volume Perm
Using thick-layered curls to create volume to the hair. Because it does not need special care to maintain this style, it is popular amongst busy businessmen and women. With only a blow dryer, this style can be maintained.
Spiral Perm
Twist curl with small rods. Twist like elastic curls make the dry looking hair a full wavy fee
Ballon Perm
Creates light waves with curls that is still firmly present. It goes well with short or semi-long hair. However takes lot of care with the iron or blow dryer to maintain the style.
Water Wave Perm
Creates a water flow like waves to the hair. With its S shaped curls gives a feminine aura. However, this perm does not turn out pretty if there is poor maintenance.
Anion Perm
With the help of activation, shortens the coloring time through heating load. Anion is constantly provided throughout the perm process in order to add elasticity to the curl.
Direct Perm
We use 70-90 degrees of low temperature operation to minimize the damage of the hair and take less time because we do not go through the softening process.
Shadow Perm
Provides masculinity through light and soft curls at the tip of the hair.
Many men get this treatment for natural looking semi-curly perm along with volume. It is easy to handle so it is very popular amongst men.
Foil Perm
This is a perm using aluminum foil. It creates a frizzy look giving a strong impression. However this perm can cause damage to your hair because of its strong pull on the hair with the foil. Vigorous and sharp feeling along with strong and tough aura. Creates individuality.
Point Perm
Within 50% domain of the entire hair partial perm.
Root Perm
Adds volume especially to the top, side and crown area of the head. Root Perm for when the tip curls are healthy but the root area needs volume after perms.
Fringe Perm
Perm for front hair and for comfortable front hair maintenance.
down Perm

For those who have hair that is too short to get the Japanese straight perm but the sides of the hair does not stay down. Using a perm chemical, this will keep the sides of the hair down permanently.

Clinic Perm
If you would like to get a wave when you have damages from frequent perms and colors, we use a special clinic system so that it supplies nutrients to the damaged hair and receive a strong wave at the same time.

Protein perm
Basic protein product + moisture treatment : Produce soft and elastic curls
PPT Perm
Protein perm + alpha enriched PPT : Provides PPT nutrients to the inner hair
CMC Perm
Protein perm + high density CMC : Provide lost CMC nutrients
Digital/setting/steam Perm

Compared to the regular perm, we make waving curls using ceramic rod with appropriate heat. This allows the curls to last longer and it is very effective when you would like a natural looking wave curl when it is hard to get from a regular perm.
Popular for its strong and elastic waves and for its long lasting curls.

BASIC Digital/Setting Perm

Creates curls that are more elastic and volume-full that last longer than a regular perm.

CLINIC Digital/Setting Perm

Basic digital/setting perm + PPT or CMC nutrient for softer hair

SHISEIDO Digital/Setting Perm
Through Shisedo professional abilities, softness and moisture can be felt for an extended period of time while decreasing damage through the hair. The smell of ammonia is barely present for it is masked by a fragrant. It also prevents trouble on sensitive and weak scalp.
Premium Digital/Setting Perm




BASIC Hair Straightening

The silkiness and straightness is more prominent than a regular straight perm.
Just like straight-ironed hair except its long lasting.

CLINIC Hair Straightening

Basic magic + PPT or CMC nutrients provided for softer hair.

SHISEIDO Hair Straightening
Through Shisedo professional abilities, softness and moisture can be felt for an extended period of time while decreasing damage through the hair. The smell of ammonia is barely present for it is masked by a fragrant. It also prevents trouble on sensitive and weak scalp.
Premium Hair Straightening
volume hair straightening


BASIC Volume Hair Straightening

Just like the magic perm, it uses iron to straighten the hair. However this perm adds slight curves while straightening to add natural volume.

CLINIC Volume Hair Straightening

Basic Volume Hair Straightening + PPT or CMC nutrients provided for softer hair.

SHISEIDO Volume Hair Straightening
Through Shisedo professional abilities, softness and moisture can be felt for an extended period of time while decreasing damage through the hair. The smell of ammonia is barely present for it is masked by a fragrant. It also prevents trouble on sensitive and weak scalp.
Premium Volume Hair Straightening
magic setting perm


Magic Setting Perm


CLINIC Magic Setting Perm


SHISEIDO Magic Setting Perm
Through Shisedo professional abilities, softness and moisture can be felt for an extended period of time while decreasing damage through the hair. The smell of ammonia is barely present for it is masked by a fragrant. It also prevents trouble on sensitive and weak scalp.
Premium Magic Setting Perm
It is a revolutionary process that softens, shines, straightens and makes the hair healthy. It penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results are smooth, silky and straight hair. It is not a chemical that restructures the hair. It is a replenishing treatment that reconditions and protects the hair from water and heat damage while enhancing it's natural shine.

The Brazilian hair treatment is excellent on all types of chemically treated hair (bleached, highlights, colored, permed, relaxed or previously straightened. It is excellent for getting rid of curly, frizzy, damaged, unhealthy, dull, mistreated hair. The Brazilian treatment is made up of "Keratin" a liquid form of hair. There are no harsh chemicals. The Brazilian treatment can be used on children (6 years and older), teens and adults (men and women). The Brazilian treatment DOES NOT use strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it. It only coats the hair. It does not break the bonds of the hair shaft like straighteners do. Keratin is a natural substance that comprises approximately 88% of your hair. Brazilian treatment is not permanent. It naturally fades out of the hair. The wave or curl will gradually come back in about 2 - 3 months. The hair will stay soft, shiny and healthy looking. The more you do the treatment the better condition the hair becomes. The treatment also makes the hair very manageable. It will require less blow drying time and results will be very good with a flat iron.
+Shampoo & Blow Dry included
+Cut NOT included
+Price may vary according to length of hair
Hair Go Straight

The Brazilian blend of rich ingredients is guaranteed to make hair smooth and shiny with long lasting straightening effect. It is rich in keratin, silicon, collagen & protein from silk and promotes brilliant shine. It's mononuclear technology to turn back time to restore hair's elasticity and cuticle that has been damaged by highlights and coloring. It treats frizzy, dehydrated, course hair from the inside and will lasts 2-3 months. It will also prevent cracking and splitting hairs. Coco Chocolate sooths sun damaged hair and can be used with other hair treatments such as highlights and coloring.

Pure Keratin Acai Berry

Indulge yourself in our Acai Berry Keratin Treatment. This powerhouse of antioxidants helps neutralize free radicals, moisturize your hair, add luster, improve hair color, and make hair more manageable. Incorporating acai berry into our True Keratin Treatment intensifies the antioxidants at least six times that of the average berry. This allows the product to last longer and provides long-lasting smoothness. Our specially formulated treatments also include Aloe Vera and Argan (Moroccan) Oil to repair, restore and moisten the hair follicles.

Pure Keratin 0%

formaldehyde free


The Maximum Strength One Day Keratin Treatment Keratin Treatment removes 100% frizz and 90% of the curl producing a silky smooth finish for up to 4 months. Due to an activating ingredient, initial wash should be done 24 hours after the treatment.

Salon Tech

The Salon Tech Thermal Keratin Treatment reconstructs the hair, leaving the hair shaft smooth and eliminating frizz with NO post treatment wait time!  The Salon Tech Thermal Keratin Treatment straightens and conditions hair by deeply penetrating each individual strand with Keratin proteins. This restores hair to a beautiful condition, leaving it amazingly soft and extremely manageable. Salon Tech Keratin Treatment is the ultimate hair straightening solution. It straightens hair by penetrating keratin deep into the hair cuticles with the help of a flat iron. Therefore, frizz is eliminated and hair strands are solidified. This innovative treatment not only makes hair more manageable, but also adds moisture thus leaving hair softer, smoother and more radiant.
Hair will be easier to manage and require less styling time. It will be significantly softer, straighter and shinier. The hair will be in an overall healthier condition.

The extension creates long hair for short hairs by extending hair with fake hair. The pricing may vary according to the type of extension hair used and the process of extension. With thread braiding, ring, silicone techniques and other various process, we provide the best extension that fit you.

It is the least costly and most popular of the extensions. Fake hair is attached to your real hair using melted silicone. Because silicone is heat sensitive, you must be careful when using hot water and going to the sauna. When the silicone is put in heat it may weaken and loosen the hair.


This extension process uses metal rings to attach the extension hair to the actual hair. Using a pressure machine, the metal ring is pressed onto the hair to keep hold. The time it takes to attach is very short, however the metal rings might hurt your scalp when sleeping.

Thread braiding

With a thin thread, the fake hair is braided onto the actual hair. That is why this proccess needs great skill and time. But with this investment, the hair does not fall out easily and there is less pain and stress to the scalp. Because it is braided, it is also easy to remove.